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Why Vote For Alexander Ball?

Because I'm a licensed lawyer with extensive judicial experience. I’m honest, hardworking, and care deeply about Justice for ALL people.  During the past seven years, I've worked with multiple federal judges to administer justice in our community and solve complex legal issues.  As Justice of the Peace, I will continue to secure and protect the constitutional rights of everyone.

What is a Justice of the Peace?

A Justice of the Peace handles local matters in Pima County. They resolve criminal misdemeanors and lawsuits for less than $10,000.  This includes traffic violations, landlord/tenant disputes, workplace harassment cases, etc.

Why does the Justice of the Peace matter?

The Justice of the Peace is a public servant dedicated to delivering justice & peace to the community—two values I care about deeply.  A Justice of the Peace serves on the frontlines in the fight for justice.  They make sure that everyone in the community is treated with equality and fairness, and that everyone’s rights are respected and protected.

Why do you want to serve as Justice of the Peace?

We currently face a crisis in our local courts. We've had over-incarceration, systematic injustice, and incompetent judges for far too long.  I want to serve as Justice of the Peace to restore integrity to our justice system, and provide stability to our local courts.  Our courts should be a beacon of justice in our community; a place where everyone's constitutional rights are protected.  

What will you do as Justice of the Peace?

As Justice of the Peace, I will ensure a fair hearing for everyone.  I will adjudicate matters only according to the law and the facts.  I will treat everyone with dignity and respect.  I will ensure the promise of Justice for ALL.

Alex Ball in Pima County Alexander Ball Justice for All Justice of the Peace Alexander Ball Justice for ALL Justice of the Peace Pima County Tucson Alex Ball

Alexander Ball and his wife at the San Xavier Mission in Pima County, AZ.

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