Alexander Ball Justice for ALL Justice of the Peace




Our judges must be honest.


Equality is essential to justice.



Everyone deserves fairness,

it’s only fair! 


A good judge 

knows the law.


Justice is fairness and equality in action.  Justice is each person getting what they deserve. Justice can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

America promises Justice for ALL.  The Constitution’s first paragraph states that our country was founded to “establish Justice.”  The promise of justice lies at the heart of our social fabric. It is what binds us together and strengthens our community.  We know that if we work hard and do good towards others, we will get the same in return.

But humans are imperfect.  People occasionally commit wrongs, and injustice persists.  Thankfully, in our country, we have independent courts that can ensure that justice ultimately prevails.  From federal judges appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, to Justices of the Peace who are voted into office by We the People: our society is more just because these public servants work tirelessly to correct injustice. 

Still there is much to be done.  With rights comes responsibilities.  We each must consider issues of fundamental fairness in our community, and pay attention to acts of corruption in our courts; because injustice happens when good people fail to act.


Together, let’s make our community a

more just, more peaceful, and more perfect place to live.

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